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F6 Gallery is a not-for-profit
About Us:

The F6 Gallery was formed out of a warehouse in January 2007. It was created to allow any artist a place to show their art without discrimination. Some artists are judged for their art and were rejected by other galleries. The F6 Gallery is a support network for artists in introducing them to the community. By involving the community, F6 can promote a healthier more tolerant attitude toward all art forms. Our community will benefit as F6 brings cultural, art and diversity to the community.

The F6 Gallery can be a place for our young artist, new artist, any artist having inspiration to emerge in their feild without the hierarchy of restrictions still seen in the arts field.

The F6 Gallery efforts should be merited as a goods whose intrinsic value justifies public action. F6 Gallery is organized exclusively for charitable purposes and is recognized by the Department of the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c)(3).