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Welcome to F6 Gallery
F6 takes pride in the fact that we do not discriminate against artist or their art. F6 does not charge commission. F6 is unique because it supports its artist, not vise versa.

F6 Gallery Vision & Mission
F6 Gallery purpose is to create an environment for the artist to show their art.

F6 Gallery purpose is to educate the community by promoting a healthier more tolerant attitude toward artist and their art.

F6 Gallery purpose is to introduce new artist to the community and create an environment for the benefit of the community as well.

F6 Gallery maintains an open invitation for artists to exhibit art and share their work. F6 Gallery is a place in which artists and the community can come together from all walks of life. The diversity and culture that flows through F6 is in itself a community benefit, the experience and exposure creates an environment that all art lovers can enjoy. Those that have attended F6 shows view it as a place to socialize, discuss and enjoy the arts.

F6 Gallery is proud to be a host to Arlington Downtown Arts Festival Oct. 5-7, 2012.

Email info@f6gallery.org for more information.





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